Yelm Plumbing and Pumps now offers one of the pinnacles of water heaters. From HTP comes the Everlast water heater. The Everlast water heater is a truly unique piece of plumbing technology. Some of the features are: Laser welded stainless steel construction, built in heat traps to retain more heat for the water, no anode rods, brass fitting construction, heavy duty insulation, light weight and comes with a lifetime warranty(with online registration). The Everlast provides the finest protection against harsh water conditions with the best warranty in the business. It’s stainless steel surface gives it such a sleek appearance, it’s almost a shame to have it in the basement or utility room. Interested? Give Yelm Plumbing and Pumps a call or visit www.htproducts.com for more info on the Everlast water heater.


    Sometimes a plumbing repair may not be as cut and dry or as simple as one would expect. Recently YPP technician Chris D. was called to a customer’s home to replace their failing water heater. Now most water heaters can be found in the garage or a utility room or maybe it’s own room attached to the house. This water heater was under the home in the crawlspace. While the crawlspace was fairly spacious it did present a few extra challenges to Chris. It’s not always as easy at it looks, especially when you have to watch out for other piping, being careful not to bang your head on the floor joists, and a gaggle of creepy crawly things that might be down there as well with ya, and draining of the old heater and not flooding the crawlspace. In no time at all Chris was able to drain and maneuver the old one out and install a brand new 50 gallon electric “Bradford & White” water heater for his customer. So if you have a “not so ordinary” plumbing job, don’t hesitate to give Yelm Plumbing and Pumps a call. We go where the work takes us.