The Tornado Body Dryer features a full-body length air tube that dries you evenly from head to toes. The Tornado Body Dryer contains over 200 air openings that gently and effectively create a blanket of swirling warm air to envelope and dry your entire body – front, sides and back – no matter which way you stand or sit and face.

    – Using a single simple small bracket, the Tornado Body Dryer easily attaches to the wall in the shower or tub. It need not be built into a wall, which can require expensive wall demolition and construction. This also means the Tornado Body Dryer can easily be removed in order to take it to your next home whenever you move from one location to another.


    Yelm Plumbing and Pumps now offers one of the pinnacles of water heaters. From HTP comes the Everlast water heater. The Everlast water heater is a truly unique piece of plumbing technology. Some of the features are: Laser welded stainless steel construction, built in heat traps to retain more heat for the water, no anode rods, brass fitting construction, heavy duty insulation, light weight and comes with a lifetime warranty(with online registration). The Everlast provides the finest protection against harsh water conditions with the best warranty in the business. It’s stainless steel surface gives it such a sleek appearance, it’s almost a shame to have it in the basement or utility room. Interested? Give Yelm Plumbing and Pumps a call or visit www.htproducts.com for more info on the Everlast water heater.

  • Form and Function

    When remodeling your bathroom or simply looking for new design ideas, here is one that fits both function and fashion in it’s unique design. A sink that is not only a sink but an aquarium as well. They say watching an aquarium full of fish can be soothing and have a calming effect. What better place to find that solice than in a nice relaxing tub, all the while enjoying your fish sink. Granted…I’m not sure how the fish feel when you fill the sink up and stick your face into it to wash. lol