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    This is the newest addition to the Yelm Plumbing and Pumps family. Our new well pump truck (nicknamed “Big Red”) is up and running and ready to take on the toughest, deepest, most difficult of well pumps. A well pump truck is a vital, and valuable piece of machinery when trying to pull a damaged pump from the well. It allows for a quick and easy removal so that a technician can begin diagnosing the problem. So when your well pump starts acting up…give Yelm Plumbing and Pumps a call.


    Washington is known for it’s quick dips in temperature, and this quick dip can wreak some serious havoc on your pipes.

    Frozen water pipes typically happen during long stretches of sever freezing temperatures. If a blizzard takes down power lines and heat is not restored during freezing temperatures, it may not take long for exposed water pipes to freeze.

    You can prevent frozen pipes or lower your chances of frozen pipes by making sure your home’s plumbing is well insulated and protected from outside temperatures. If a vacation home is not going to be occupied during the winter months in an area of the country that can freeze, people will often call on a plumber to winterize their home to prevent pipes from freezing.

    A licensed, professional plumber has the skills, experience, and equipment to thaw frozen pipes without causing damage to your home. After the pipes are thawed, a plumber can help prevent future occurrences by adding pipe insulation or even relocating pipes. Finally, keep in mind that in extreme situations of freezing temperatures, if your pipes freeze, chances are many other people in your area have the same plumbing problems. At times like these, plumbers get so many calls that it could be days before they can come out to your home.


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  • Form and Function

    When remodeling your bathroom or simply looking for new design ideas, here is one that fits both function and fashion in it’s unique design. A sink that is not only a sink but an aquarium as well. They say watching an aquarium full of fish can be soothing and have a calming effect. What better place to find that solice than in a nice relaxing tub, all the while enjoying your fish sink. Granted…I’m not sure how the fish feel when you fill the sink up and stick your face into it to wash. lol

  • Nick with Yelm Plumbing and Pumps saves the day!

    Recently Yelm Plumbing and Pumps Technician Nick D. went out to a customer’s home that after having their septic tank pumped, was still having a clogging issue. Nick quickly assessed the problem and realized that the customer’s mainline was damaged. So while the customer’s tank was cleaned out and ready to go, the pipe to the tank needed to be repaired. Nick D. got right to work and after some digging, measuring, gluing and recovering, the customer was back in business! Great Job Nick!