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In the United States, the quantity of water in underground storage is 20 to 30 times greater
than the amount in all lakes, streams, and rivers combined! To access this incredible amount of
underground water, known as an aquifer, wells are drilled deep into the bedrock.
Some aquifers are significantly large and extend over hundreds of square miles while others
are very localized supplying only a few hundred gallons per day.
Precipitation from the ground’s surface infiltrates through the soil and enters the cracks in the
bedrock, ultimately recharging the aquifer. The aquifer must continually be recharged in this
manner in order for a well water supply to be maintained. It should be noted that well water is a
limited resource and should be conserved. There is potential for a well and an aquifer supplying the well to run dry when more water is taken than is recharged. If this occurs, the existing well could be deepened, if possible, with the aim of tapping into another aquifer; however, a new well may have to be drilled in a new location.

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